Hi, I'm Maddie!

I'm a photographer passionate about capturing the energy surrounding athletics! I have six years of experience working in the sports photography industry and, most recently, was the Team Photographer for Cal Poly Baseball. 

I am very much at home on the sidelines as I grew up alongside three older brothers who all competed in various sports. I discovered early on that attending sporting events to shoot games isn't just about taking pictures; it's about capturing a story and history. 

This spring, I graduated from California Polytechnic State University SLO with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism along with a Minor in Photography. While pursuing my degree, I worked for multiple media outlets and sports teams to develop my skills in the field. 

At Cal Poly, I was first hired by the student-run publication Mustang News to be one of their lead sports photographers. When I wasn't in class or studying, I was on the sidelines of various sporting events on assignment to capture the moments that best told the stories of our athletes. At the end of the year, my photographic work was recognized by the Cal Poly Journalism Department professors as I was awarded "Photojournalist of the Year."

After attaining that achievement, I was hired by Cal Poly's Athletic department as a photographer. I collaborated with a team of photographers to cover all sports on campus. Serving in this role further honed my skills with the camera, encouraging me to be more experimental while shooting. 


Most recently, Cal Poly Baseball recruited me as their Team Photographer for the last two seasons. I have enjoyed working exclusively for this NCAA Division I baseball program, taking photos at their private practices, scrimmages, and of course, during game time! I discovered there's something special about spending almost every day with a team, battling alongside the players, and serving a unique baseball community. 

I bring a unique perspective to the sports world. As both a woman and a little person diagnosed with achondroplasia, I know that I stand out on the sidelines. However, I have never used that as an excuse not to live life to its fullest. My hope is that my work continues to break down barriers for others like me or people with disabilities and shows we can do anything we want to pursue, regardless of the challenges we face.